Where can you find peace during the difficult times of life? The books in the Great Peace Series for Christian Living venture into the pages of the Bible and explore the lives of people just like you. In these books, you will learn how people with real problems experienced God in a real way during the difficult times of life. Each book includes biblical insights and inspirational poetry, as well as many pages of promises from the Word of God. Together, the Bible people, poetry, and promises will help you find the great peace that only God can give.

The Great Peace Series for Christian Living includes books for enduring the storms of life, beginning again, and facing each new day. The series also includes books written specifically for women and mothers,  and additional books will be added soon. Each book in the series has a companion personalized booklet that includes your name throughout the text, and a personalized journal that you can use to capture your personal thoughts and notes.

You will discover

  • Bible People – See how God divinely worked in the lives of people in the Bible.
  • Bible Principles – Learn how to trust God in the difficult times of life.
  • Bible Poetry – Be encouraged by the inspirational poetry.
  • Bible Prayers – Be strengthened by the prayers for your life.
  • Bible Promises – Apply the eternal promises of God to your situation.

As you see how God worked in the lives of people in the Bible, you will find great peace in knowing that He can also help you today. God has already provided in His Word everything you need for any problem you may face. Look into the lives of people in the Bible and find inspiration, encouragement, and God’s great peace.

The Author

Shirley D. Hicks is a writer of Christian inspirational books and poetry. Her books in the Great Peace Series for Christian Living are a source of encouragement for people who are facing difficult and challenging times. After spending many years reading and studying the Bible, Shirley decided to pursue her passion for writing Christian books. Her writings have inspired and blessed many hurting people. She has been in the church all of her life and writes out of the depths of her experiences as a Christian woman,  daughter of a minister,  and wife of a minister. With Bachelor of Science degrees in computer science and math, Shirley spent more than seventeen years as an IT professional. She also has a Master of Arts degree in theological studies from Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia. She and her husband have one daughter.