Coming Soon

New books and journals are on the horizon at Great Peace Enterprises. Read the information below to learn more about them.

New Hardback Personalized Journals

The new hardback personalized journals  will provide the durability and volume that you may desire in a personalized keepsake journal. On the journal pages, you will find encouraging scriptures that include your name in the text. God has given you a wonderful story to share with others. This journal will be a great place for you to write it down.

Updated Book – Great Peace for Women

From the bestselling booklet comes the updated version of the paperback book – Great Peace for Women! This book will contain 25 themes based on the lives of women in the Bible. You will be inspired and encouraged as you read about the lives of women like  Eve, the Queen of Sheba, Rhoda, Abigail, Ruth, Rebecca, Joanna, Jochebed, Tabitha, and others. The personalized principles, promises, prayers, and poetry will help you find the godly inspiration and encouragement that you may need as a woman today.


New Book – Great Peace for the King’s Daughter

As a women of God, you are a daughter of the King of kings! This new book will explore the promises and privileges that are yours as God’s princess. Like the other books in the Great Peace series, this book will contain personalized principles, promises, prayers, and poetry that will help you understand and declare who you are as a member of Heaven’s royal family. You will be inspired and encouraged as you read this personalized book about you – a daughter of the great King!