Great Peace for Women


Where can a woman find peace during the difficult times of life? Great Peace for Women addresses some of the most common challenges that women face and offers hope and encouragement from the lives of women in the Bible. This book is filled with biblical insights, inspirational poetry, and scriptures to help you have God’s great peace in your life. God does not want you to live in discouragement and despair.  His word has promises of peace, hope, and encouragement for every woman and for every situation.

Great Peace for Women contains ten themes that demonstrate how God can be a refuge for women during the difficult times of life.  Each theme focuses on a woman in the Bible, includes an inspirational poem, and contains scriptures that incorporate the theme in a powerful, but practical way. In this book, you will look into the lives of several women in the Bible, including Jochebed, Rebekah, the Queen of Sheba, Mary Magdalene, Anna, Tabitha, and others. As you see how God worked in the lives of women who were just like you, you will find great peace in knowing that He can also help you endure the difficult times in your life.

In this book, you will learn how to rise above problems by focusing on the Word of God, trust God in difficult times by applying biblical truths, and find the encouragement you need through inspirational poetry. This inspiring collection of specially selected themes will refresh your heart and help you find God’s great peace through the lives of women in the Bible. Don’t live in discouragement and despair. Discover God’s great peace for women today!

Available in personalized booklet and personalized journal formats.